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Access and use of the website is conditional upon the acceptance and compliance with all terms listed in this document (known collectively as ”Terms and Conditions”). All use of and/or continued access to the website constitute agreement to these Terms and Conditions that appear under this heading Website Terms & Conditions and by other notices or provisions published elsewhere on this website.

Shearn Delamore & Co. reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice by posting the amended Terms and Conditions on the website, and the amended Terms and Conditions will take effect at the time of posting. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions will result in the termination of the use of, and access to, the website.

In particular, you should note that there are sections of this website that are restricted to certain authorised users. Use of these restricted areas is governed by our 'Restricted User' terms below. If you have been granted access to such restricted areas by mistake, please exit the restricted area immediately, and let us know of that access by e-mail to


This website, which may be accessed under and, is hosted by a host server located in Malaysia. and are domain names registered in the name of Shearn Delamore & Co., Advocates & Solicitors, Malaysia. This website, including the Terms and Conditions, is exclusively governed by, and is subject to, all applicable laws of Malaysia, notwithstanding that it is or may be accessible in or viewed in any other jurisdiction.


The contents and materials available on and through this website are based on applicable laws of West Malaysia. The contents of this website are for the purpose of providing certain permitted information relating to the practice of Shearn Delamore & Co., a law firm with offices in Malaysia. The materials on this website are intended to give a general overview only of the areas covered, and as most if not all of such materials are in summary form, they are not intended to be complete or comprehensive. In no sense does any of the content or materials constitute legal advice or the provision of legal representation or services. Whilst Shearn Delamore & Co. takes all reasonable care to ensure that the materials and information are accurate, current and complete, no warranty or representation is given that any content or material reflects the most current legal developments or is complete or comprehensive or is usable without any further input.


Viewing or accessing this website does not give rise to any solicitor-client or other relationship between the user and Shearn Delamore & Co. Communications between the user and Shearn Delamore & Co. through this website, whether by way of feedback or response to queries or otherwise howsoever, similarly does not give rise to any solicitor-client relationship between the user and Shearn Delamore & Co. Save for West Malaysia, Shearn Delamore & Co. makes no representation that it is permitted to render advice and provide legal services in any or all jurisdictions in which this website may be accessed.


Copyright © 2010, SHEARN DELAMORE & CO. All rights reserved.

Shearn Delamore & Co. is the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights, in relation to the content, text, layout, design, photographs, graphics and trade marks contained in this website and all such rights are reserved. The reproduction of the contents of this website in any form or version in part or in its entirety is prohibited other than for private non-commercial use and the material and/or contents shall not be adapted, modified, translated, published, extracted, recopied, downloaded, transmitted, distributed, stored permanently or otherwise in any material form whether in a retrieval system or not, without the prior written consent of Shearn Delamore & Co. Individual non-commercial use does not allow for incorporation of material or any part of it in any work or publication or website, in any form whatsoever.


Shearn Delamore & Co. expressly disclaims all liability, to any person, entity, body or organisation, for all loss or damage of any kind whatsover, whether direct, indirect or consequential, in respect of anything done or omitted to be done, whether wholly or partly, in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents and/or materials within the Shearn Delamore & Co. website. Shearn Delamore & Co. will not be liable if for any reason any part of the website or the entire website is not accessible to its users at any one time or at any one period.

All reasonable precautions have been made to ensure that any information posted in the Shearn Delamore & Co. site is free of viruses or anything else that may interfere with or damage the operations of the user's computer systems. However Shearn Delamore & Co. accepts no responsibility for, and hereby excludes all forms of liability, to the maximum permitted extent under applicable laws, for loss or damage, caused by or resulting from interference with or damage to the user's computer systems which occurs in connection with use of this website or to the downloading of any content and/or material posted on this website, or any sites linked to it, whether through a computer virus or otherwise howsoever.


As the owner and operator of this website, through its Internet host server, Shearn Delamore & Co. will obtain and retain certain information about those who are using its website. However, the site does not use cookies to automate tracking mechanisms to track the user's use of the website, frequency and other general information. Information about a user obtained through feedback forms and other e-mail communications between the user and Shearn Delamore & Co. via this website will remain confidential. All reasonable endeavours will be made to protect the privacy of such information and to prevent the disclosure of the information.


Certain parts of this website are restricted areas to which only authorised individuals or organisations are granted access. For those individuals or organisations that are granted access to restricted areas, such access is granted on the basis that the conditions of access, which may be prescribed generally or with some level of specificity, are adhered to at all times. Access can be terminated at any time, at our sole discretion, without us having to afford any cause or justification. Breach of such conditions or access and/or breach of the Terms and Conditions generally, would entitle us to bar access to the restricted areas of this website without any further notice or obligation to consult beforehand and without having to establish such breach.

Access to the restricted areas is governed by a combination of a user name and a password. Passwords may be changed from time to time to enhance security. Specific individuals or organisations that have been granted access to restricted areas within this website:

  • will be notified by e-mail of changes to their respective passwords;

  • must not under any circumstances and at any time disclose such passwords to any individual or organisation;

  • must take all reasonable endeavours to ensure that user names and passwords remain confidential at all times; and

  • should notify Shearn Delamore & Co. immediately at in the event that the secrecy of user name and/or passwords is compromised, or if there is even a suspicion that the same has been compromised in any way or by anyone.

The Terms and Conditions are effective until terminated, amended and/or otherwise replaced by Shearn Delamore & Co. Shearn Delamore & Co. may terminate the user's access to the website at any time without notice. In the event of termination, all restrictions imposed under the Disclaimer, Copyright Notice and Privacy Statement will survive the termination and continue to be binding.

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